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Jinxed is a ?? man Alliance guild on Alonsus-EU. We aim to raid the hardest current content available but within a relaxed raiding environment. 
We raid ?day, ?day and ?day ?? PM – ?? PM (Server Time).

We do request that all raiders and trial members have mumble downloaded and installed. It isn't a requirement for you to speak, but it is required that you are logged on and able to listen.

We are currently recruiting bloody everyone for our raid team. We do still of course welcome all exceptional applications for all classes and specs. Click Here to apply.

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Tah Dah!

by Cammasaurus, 898 days ago

I'm posting this when I'm told to so I can live without fear of getting
lynched by some giant Swede and tiny Scottish combo.
(This one was rather well shot by Ahrune, please see below for Irels terrible rendition of a boss kill pic.)

Tier 14 Bitches

Forum Image
Click on it for a larger/normal version!

Though, it wouldn't be a Jinxed news pic if it wasn't a few weeks late anyways!
Yup! That's us all done and dusted with tier 14 normal modes. We absolutely steam rolled through
Terrace of the Endless Spring after we nuked down the rest of Heart of Fear and are now
three Heroic mode bosses down in Mogu'shan Vaults!
All's looking good right? Damn right!

Now we've got the Throne of the Thunder King only two weeks ahead of us and a crap
tonne of other junk to come along with the glorious patch 5.2!

Also for those that left Mumble when the pic was getting sorted
I had taken the pic with my UI still visible. Derp. So for any of those that
wish to critique my Photoshop skills, Here's the before to the after (that's above)

Ahrune xoxoxoxpspos

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

by akaxor, 955 days ago

I don't know what to say to all of you who have raided with Jinxed this year. I havn't been here all of the year so I can't speak for the first 4 months but I can talk about the other 8 which I have been fortunate enough to raid during with such an amazing guild as Jinxed.

During the past year we had a very long progress path in DS that lasted about one and a half year of the same 8 bosses(well 7 to be fair) and I'm impressed so many kept playing even thought it got very boring towards the end. And then MoP hit. I am very please with how the raiding turned out in MoP. We were hit with changes to our classes, a massive farmathon with a ton of new dailys and once again needing to step into heroics to get gear. We started behind most guild but we have climbed so far since that first night when we killed the stone guards. As of the moment when Im writing this we are the twelth best guild on this server with the potential of climbing higher. We might not be able to reach number one but I have no doubt top 10 isn't far of.

I just want to say that you shouldnt feel discouraged because we havnt killed anything on hc yet, normal raids are harder then in DS and much longer! It is fair to say that Garalon and Elegon are harder then normal madness or spine for that matter; ever was on normal pre nerfs. I am happy with our progress and I don't think I am alone when I say that I am looking forward to what 2013 have to bring in terms of new content, kills and raiding experience with the most amazing guild ever.

Thank you for the past year Jinxed!

xoxo Byvik

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